Spotlight: Amanda LaCount

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 5.02.10 pm There’s not enough good things to say about Amanda LaCount.

Just from watching a few of her clips, I know that she is a star. Just from our few brief interactions, I know that she is a star of a person.

Amanda is without doubt one of the most motivational people I’ve ever come across. She embodies talent, passion, and drive, all the while maintaining a cheerful, humble disposition. With all the success and fame that has found her already, she hasn’t forgotten the important things in life, and I suspect she never will. Family is important to her, as are all those who have helped her along the way (she is the first one to acknowledge and give credit to all her inspirations and teachers, as well as her roots). Her friends, of which there are naturally many, are close to her heart, which, I might add, is never short of compassion and always full of hope.

And you can’t help but be drawn to her honest and genuine delightfulness. She has all the talent of a star and all the bright of one, too.

In fact, when I think of all-rounded individuals, she is one of the first to come to mind. Hip hop, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, modern, tap, choreography, modelling, acting––she masters them all.

To do that takes talent, yes, much of it natural, but also determination, and much of that. Years and years of practice, patience, and persistence have led her to where she is today––where all the world can see her. And that’s where she’s meant to be. Not only entertaining the masses, but inspiring them, too.

Because nothing is too hard for her. She can accomplish anything. She has proven that time and time again, and she will continue doing so.

The confidence and ease in which she owns every stage is magnetic. The start of the below routine is but one example of that.

Nothing can stop her.

It feels like the world stops whenever she dances. You’re not necessarily watching just a performance. You’re watching an experience. You’re experiencing a young lady blossoming into a woman.

She is without question, without doubt, without hesitation, #breakingthestereotype.

Dance has found its role model. She is everything the art form represents. If dance is about being yourself and having fun, she does that and helps others to achieve that dream, too. If dance is about getting out there and making the most of life, she does that every step and turn of the way. If dance is about challenging yourself and the world around you, she does that and will change the world for the better.

She’s already doing it.

She’s breaking the stereotype.

I wonder how many people have taken up dance because of her. I wonder how many people have taken up any of their dreams because they’ve been inspired by her courage and willingness to chase hers. I wonder how many people have taken up a better life for themselves because of her.

I know that I am better for not only having seen her determination and happiness, but for experiencing her friendliness.

Amanda, thank you. Heaven is on your side.

God Bless,


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