Leah Vandenberg – Australia’s Performer



Courtesy: Lisa Mann Creative Management

Now Footsteps and Stories is, as the header indicates, dedicated to honouring and celebrating women in tap, but it is also about giving a platform to women and recognising, admiring, and appreciating all who they are, all that they do in our lives, and all the roles that they take on.

Gifted, caring, and inspiring, Australian actress Leah Vandenberg has assumed many roles and afforded me much entertainment in my life, as she has undoubtedly done so for many others.

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Teigan Nash – Paving the Way


Courtesy: Teigan Nash

Now Australia has some pretty talented people, but you’d be hard pressed to find one as well-rounded as Teigan Nash.

Her beauty goes without saying, as does her charisma in front of the camera, as anyone who grew up watching Saturday Disney would know, but it is that which she has accomplished off screen that makes her one of Australia’s most popular media personalities.

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Anne Gambini – Inspiring the World Over

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 4.25.26 pm.png

Courtesy: Ten-over Tap

Anne Gambini’s story is one of courage, one of persistence, one of skill, one of ability, one of friendship, and one of belief.

In our interview, she, one of France’s premier tap artists and teachers, mentioned to me that she was, at one point, out of work and struggling with life. I take it that more than a few of us have been in a situation the same as- or similar to that. Where and when we are just feeling down and nothing seems to be going right.

If you’re are going through some hurt right now, some rejection, some struggle, Anne’s story might be able to help.

It is, above all, a story of heroism through selflessness, by way of her true and honest commitment to serve, support, and better others. Simply put, it inspired me, and I hope it will you.

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National Tap Dance Day 2017

My appreciation of and admiration for tap comes only by the majesty and grace of God, Who mended my heart and guided my eyes to see tap not as lowly, silly, nor hateful, but as pure, entertaining, and joyful.

I have written before about how I spent many years hating tap, disliking, disrespecting, disregarding, and dismissing it and those who perform it, and how Our Lord guided me out of such hatred and into a better place. A place of love. A place where the truth of tap speaks through; a place where the joy of tap sings through; and a place where the grace of tap shines through.

I unrightfully had hated everything about tap––something so good and worthy of love and respect––and God showed me what a gift it is and how much of a blessing tappers are.

For the first time in my life, I could see just how good tap was, and how deserving it was of my good.

It is only by His Divine Grace that National Tap Dance Day––May 25––coincides with this year’s Ascension Day.

I hope and pray that you all have a blessed Ascension Day––in which your relationship with Jesus Christ increases in love, hope, and faith––and a fantastic National Tap Dance Day, too––in which you rejoice in the gift that is tap by whatever celebratory means you find cheerful enough for the occasion 🙂

God Bless,