Shannon, Ashleigh, and Aubrey Enders – Better Together

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Bottom left: Ashleigh, Shannon, Aubrey

In my time interviewing and chatting to  those in the tap dancing community, I have found close to all of them to be genuine, honest, upstanding, friendly, caring, humble, and abounding in happiness.

The Enders girls are no different. Continue reading


Candy Shop Show – Entertainment Personified

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From left to right: Sheree Fitzgerald, Gabriella Dennien, and Jenny Usher

Now this is a real treat.

Candy Shop Show is talent, song and dance, theatre, musicals, cabaret, classics, sweetness, fun, humour, glamour, style, top hats, tap shoes, short skirts, long legs, big smiles, old Hollywood, new jazz, show tunes, showgirls and stars, jaws-on-the-floor, and standing ovations all in one.  Continue reading

Catherine Wreford Ledlow – A True Inspiration

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“It doesn’t matter if I’m on Broadway, if I’m here, if I’m dancing at my church,” she says. “Wherever I’m dancing, I just feel joy.”

Catherine Wreford Ledlow – Interview

I was diagnosed with brain cancer almost five years ago when my daughter was only five weeks old. I was given two–six years to live. I had an awake craniotomy, radiation, and four kinds of chemo for over a year. Here is my story. Continue reading

@lovely_vera_ellen – My Friend Mik

silhouette-3280313_1280You know what I’m looking forward to?

In fact, you know what I can’t wait for?

I can’t wait for the day I’m walking down the city street and I look up to see my friend Mik’s name up in lights.

Her name above the title of the biggest, boldest, brightest production in town.

It’s going to happen. Just you wait and see. Her name will be up there alright.

She’s got the talent. She’s got the smarts. She’s got the personality. She’s got the drive.

But, most importantly––infinitely more importantly––she’s got the heart. Continue reading

Lucy Falkner – A Testament To Dance

Lucy-long-arm-cropFor one reason or another, starting today’s piece has been particularly challenging. Perhaps it is because the artist featured in it is so diverse in talent that I do not know where to begin. Perhaps it is because she has achieved so much that I am lost for words. Perhaps it is because she herself is so admirable and inspiring that I am simply taken back in awe. Perhaps it is all three of these reasons. More than likely it is. Continue reading

Aimeé “AJ” Azari – Strength, Glamour, Grace, and Class

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 10.43.03 pm

I’m excited. I’m really excited.

I’m excited that I get to share this particular interview with you.

I’m excited that I get to showcase this particular artist’s work to you.

I’m still excited that I had the opportunity to interview this particular artist.

And I’m more than excited that this particular artist’s dancing shoes are coming out of the closet this year.

That last one has me all happy. It gives me hope. It fills me with joy. It is the promise of a happier world. I can see the smiles and I can hear the applauses already, and yet these are not what I look and hear out for, for I know that few things in life are sweeter and more beautiful and more cherishable than simply watching and listening to Aimeé “AJ” Azari.  Continue reading